Golf carts have become a ubiquitous sight on courses and communities across the country. With more people using their phones for GPS and music while golfing, having a secure phone holder on your golf cart is a must. In this buyers’ guide, we’ll review the top phone holders designed specifically for golf carts. We’ll cover holders with varying features like adjustable mounts, waterproofing, and charging capabilities. Whether you want something simple to keep your phone from bouncing around or a high-tech option with wireless charging, we’ve found the best golf cart phone holders to meet any need and budget. Read on for our picks to find the perfect phone holder to install in your golf cart!

1. Universal Cell Phone Holder Mount for Golf Carts

Universal Cell Phone Holder Mount for Golf Carts

Designed specifically for golfers, this universal Golf Cart Phone Holder is the ultimate golf cart accessory to keep your smartphone securely mounted and within reach while navigating the course. Compatible with devices ranging from 4.5 to 7 inches, this mount features a sturdy clamp that grips handles up to 2.48 inches in diameter, ensuring a seamless fit with most golf carts and utility vehicles on the market.

With its 360-degree rotatable design, you can effortlessly adjust the viewing angle to your preference, whether you’re checking scores, accessing GPS, or streaming music during your round. Furthermore, the built-in silicone cushion and secure lock system provide multi-protection for your precious smartphone, safeguarding it from scratches, drops, and accidental falls, even on bumpy rides across the fairway or rough terrain.

Pros And Cons


  1. Designed specifically for golfers’ needs on the course.
  2. Universal compatibility with most golf carts and utility vehicles.
  3. 360-degree rotation for optimal viewing angle adjustment.
  4. Multi-protection features to safeguard your smartphone.
  5. Tool-free installation and removal for convenience.


  1. Not compatible with phones smaller than 4.5 inches.

2. YKI Golf Cart Phone Holder

YKI Golf Cart Phone Holder

Elevate your golfing experience with the YKI Golf Cart Phone Holder, a versatile and secure mount designed to keep your smartphone within reach on the course. Compatible with a wide range of devices from 5.2 to 7.2 inches, this holder fits securely on most golf cart handlebars up to 2.48 inches in diameter. Moreover, its one-button lock system ensures your phone remains firmly in place, preventing any unwanted shaking or movement, even on bumpy terrain.

The adjustable 360-degree ball joint allows for unlimited positioning, enabling you to find the perfect viewing angle for navigation apps, recording videos, or comfortable viewing. Installation is a breeze, requiring no tools – simply clamp it onto your golf cart’s handlebar, and you’re ready to hit the course with your smartphone securely mounted.

Pros And Cons


  1. Wide compatibility with phones and golf carts.
  2. Secure one-button lock system prevents phone slippage.
  3. Adjustable 360-degree positioning for optimal viewing angle.
  4. Tool-free installation and removal for convenience.
  5. Enhances golfing experience with hands-free access to apps, music, and more.


  1. Not compatible with phones smaller than 5.2 inch.

3. Golf Cart Cup Holder Phone Holder

Golf Cart Cup Holder Phone Holder

With universal compatibility for devices ranging from 4 to 7 inches, this golf cart phone holder accommodates a wide variety of popular phone models, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience. Boasting an adjustable base that expands from 2.8 to 4.1 inches in diameter, this holder fits snugly into most golf cart cup holders, preventing unwanted movement or vibration that could compromise the security of your device. Customize the height from 9.4 to 11.8 inches to find the perfect line of sight and easy touchscreen access for your seating position.

Featuring a flexible neck and ball joint, this phone holder offers unlimited 360-degree rotation, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the viewing angle to your preferred position. Whether checking maps, responding to messages, or streaming music, your smartphone is always optimally oriented for convenience and safety while driving your golf cart. With a simple touch, the clamps open effortlessly, enabling one-handed operation for removing your smartphone while driving, enhancing convenience and prioritizing safety by keeping your other hand on the steering wheel.

Pros And Cons


  1. Universal compatibility for phones from 4 to 7 inches.
  2. Adjustable base for a secure fit in most golf cart cup holders.
  3. Customizable height adjustment for optimal viewing and access.
  4. Unlimited 360-degree rotation for ideal viewing angle.
  5. One-handed operation for effortless smartphone removal while driving.


  1. Limited to cup holder mounting only.

4. DESERT FOX GOLF – Phone Caddy

1. DESERT FOX GOLF - Phone Caddy

The Desert Fox Golf – Phone Caddy is one of the best phone holder for golf with its patented PhoneFIT technology that allows adjustable width and depth to fit any popular smartphone and case combination. This USA designed and assembled phone caddy conveniently keeps your phone at your fingertips with easy slide in and out access without compromising security thanks to the velcro strap that securely attaches to any golf cart.

Customized logo options along with 6 unique color choices make the Phone Caddy fully customizable. It is designed specifically for golf to provide the best handsfree phone experience on the course. Optional accessories like the cigar holder and push cart adaptor add even more functionality. With a secure mounting system and quick slide phone access, the Desert Fox Golf – Phone Caddy is the perfect phone holder to enhance your golf game through seamless use of your favorite golf apps.

Pros And Cons


  • Fully adjustable to fit any phone
  • Secure velcro mounting system
  • Convenient slide access to phone
  • Customizable colors and logos
  • Optional accessories available


  • Not compatible with pop sockets or folding wallet cases

5. Stripebird Golf Magnetic Phone Holder

2. Stripebird Golf Magnetic Phone Holder

The Stripebird – Original Golf Magnetic Phone Holder is an innovative, patent-pending smartphone mount designed specifically for golfers. Its ultra-strong neodymium magnets allow for quick, hands-free attachment to any metal surface on the course – effortlessly securing your phone on carts, clubs, or accessories.

Stripebird is universally compatible, with an adjustable slim profile that fits any smartphone model or case. The open design keeps the camera exposed, enabling autonomous photo and video in both portrait and landscape orientation. Easily capture your swing, check your score, or record a personal best without needing an extra set of hands.

This versatile phone holder provides constant phone access without interference. Check yardages, take calls, text friends and more without ever needing to detach your device. Best of all, Stripebird requires no installation or special tools. Just slide your phone in, tighten the thumbscrew, and attach to any iron or cart. With rugged durability and a protective storage bag, it’s ready for the course or your bag.

Pros And Cons


  • Handsfree magnetic mounting
  • Fits any phone or case
  • Enables easy photo/video
  • Keeps full phone access
  • No installation required


  • No phone protection from elements

6. Roykaw Golf Cart Magnetic Phone Holder

3. Roykaw Golf Cart Magnetic Phone Holder

The Roykaw Golf Cart Magnetic Phone Holder offers a convenient handsfree phone mounting solution for golfers. Utilizing ultra strong N52 neodymium magnets, this universal phone holder can be quickly attached to any golf cart frame for stable 360° positioning.

Compatible with all major smartphone brands and models, the adjustable expandable mount accommodates devices both with and without cases up to 3.5″ wide. Its open access design allows full use of phones for apps, calls, photos and more without obstructing views.

Rotatable via an easy one hand ball joint, the phone can be placed in both landscape and portrait orientation. Four corner silicone protectors prevent damage if dropped while the one click lock and quick release allows for simple, secure attachment.

With no tools or installation needed, just place your phone in the mount, lock it and stick to your cart for instant handsfree use. A great novelty gift idea for golfers, the Roykaw Magnetic Phone Holder provides an easy and convenient way to utilize phones on the course.

Pros And Cons


  • Secure magnetic mounting
  • Rotatable ball joint
  • Fits most phones
  • Easy one hand use
  • Great novelty gift


  • Limited size capacity

7. DoohowCase Golf Cart Phone Mount Holder

4. DoohowCase Golf Cart Phone Mount Holder

The DoohowCase Golf Cart Phone Mount Holder provides a versatile handsfree phone mounting solution for most golf carts. With adjustable width and a sturdy twist lock, it universally fits 5.2-7.2 inch phones including iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel and more.

Its durable adjustable clamp is compatible with common golf cart frame sizes like EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha for stable 360 degree positioning. The safe locking mechanism secures phones firmly in place to prevent slipping and scratches during bumpy rides.

The open access stand enables full use of phones for calls, photos, videos and apps without obstructing views. With easy installation requiring no tools, just attach the ball joint and mount the clamp to the cart frame. Then lock your phone in place for an all-in-one phone caddy optimized for golf.

Pros And Cons


  • Fits most phones
  • Universal golf cart fit
  • 360 degree adjustable
  • Sturdy safe lock system
  • Easy no tool install


  • Limited size capacity

8. ICARMOUNT Golf Cart Phone Holder

5. ICARMOUNT Golf Cart Phone Holder

The ICARMOUNT Golf Cart Phone Holder is an adjustable universal phone mounting solution optimized for golf while also fitting vehicles. Its sturdy expandable base is customizable from 3.02”-4.62” to fit standard cup holders on most golf cart models including EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha.

With a maximum height of 10.57 inches from the telescoping arm and 360 degree rotatable ball joint, phones can be smoothly positioned at eye level for easy viewing and navigation. Designed to accommodate phones from 4”-6.8”, even with thick cases, the mount provides a robust grip to securely hold devices in place while driving.

Portable and convenient, this versatile phone holder can also be transferred for handsfree use in cars, trucks and more vehicles with cup holders. The intuitive pull-push height adjustment and diameter expansion allows quick custom fitting and access. By eliminating distracting rattling and safely securing phones, the ICARMOUNT Golf Cart Phone Holder enables focused handsfree phone use on the go.

Pros And Cons


  • Fits most golf carts and vehicles
  • Sturdy adjustable grip
  • Customizable height and diameter
  • 360 degree positioning
  • Portable convenience


  • Not compatible with all cup holder sizes

9. UYODM Golf Cart Magnetic Phone Holder Mount

6. UYODM Golf Cart Magnetic Phone Holder Mount

The UYODM Golf Cart Magnetic Phone Holder Mount provides a convenient and secure way to mount your smartphone on a golf cart. It utilizes 6 powerful N52 grade neodymium magnets to effortlessly attach to any iron surface on a golf cart, holding phones firmly in place even on bumpy terrain.

Upgraded for 2023, the ultra strong magnetic system can support up to 3 phones, accommodating even large devices and thick protective cases. The anti-slip rubberized claws grip phones securely while preventing scratches, with one hand accessible buttons to lock and release.

Designed for fluent use, phone can be detached and reattached instantly with one hand by simply pressing the quick release button. The open access holder allows full use of phones for calls, photos, videos and apps without obstructing views. With easy no-tool installation, just attach directly to any cart frame to instantly mount your phone.

Pros And Cons


  • Ultra strong 6 magnet system
  • Holds up to 3 phones
  • Anti-slip rubberized grip
  • One hand quick release
  • Easy no tool setup


  • Limited phone size capacity

10. iGoevo Golf Cart Phone Holder

7. iGoevo Golf Cart Phone Holder

The iGoevo Golf Cart Phone Holder provides a convenient and protective way to mount smartphones on golf carts. Featuring a 360 degree rotatable ball joint, phones from 4.0-7.2 inches can be positioned both vertically and horizontally for ideal viewing angles and glare reduction.

The mount is compatible with major brands including iPhone and Android, accommodating devices with or without thick cases. It is equipped with a textured silicone shell to fully protect phones from scratches and drops while driving.

For smooth single handed use, a quick release button allows effortless phone detachment and reattachment as needed. The open access design enables full phone functionality for calls, photos, videos and apps without obstructing views. With easy installation requiring no tools, simply attach to the cart frame to instantly mount your phone securely.

Pros And Cons


  • 360 degree adjustable positioning
  • Protective silicone covering
  • Fits phones up to 7.2 inches
  • Easy one hand release button
  • Quick no tool installation


  • Silicone may wear out over time

11. GUNPJONE Magnetic Golf Cart Phone Holder

8. GUNPJONE Magnetic Golf Cart Phone Holder

The GUNPJONE Magnetic Golf Cart Phone Holder provides a versatile magnetic mounting system to securely fasten smartphones on golf carts. It utilizes 6 powerful N52 rare earth magnets to firmly attach to metal frames on all major golf cart brands including EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha.

With a universal design, it can accommodate phones from 4.7-6.8 inches, fitting iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel and more. The 360 degree rotating dual ball head allows flexible angle adjustments for ideal viewing. Soft silicone corners cushion phones while the safe locking mechanism reduces vibration and friction.

This magnetic phone holder conveniently keeps devices safely in hand while driving, allowing for calls, photos, videos and app access. It can also be used for other applications like fitness equipment, with its strong customizable positioning. By providing a sturdy handsfree phone mount, the GUNPJONE Golf Cart Phone Holder enables full phone use for golfers in motion.

Pros And Cons


  • Powerful 6 magnet mount
  • 360 degree adjustable angle
  • Soft silicone phone protection
  • Safe locking mechanism
  • Multi-use applications


  • No full weather protection

What Are Golf Cart Phone Holders and Why Do You Need One?

A golf cart phone holder is a mounting device that securely holds your smartphone on a golf cart, allowing you to easily view and access your phone while driving the cart. Golf cart phone holders typically consist of a mount or stand that attaches to the golf cart combined with a holder or cradle that grips your phone.

There are several reasons why a golf cart phone holder is useful to have:

  • It keeps your phone in a set position so you can see the screen and use apps/maps for GPS and scoring without having to hold the phone in your hand. This is important for both convenience and safety.
  • The phone holder keeps your phone securely in place even when driving over bumpy terrain. Without a holder, your phone is likely to slide around or fall if you hit potholes or hills.
  • A golf cart mount frees up your hands, allowing you to focus on steering and driving the cart. You don’t have to worry about dropping or losing your phone while driving.
  • Phone holders with adjustable mounts allow you to position your phone in the optimal viewing angle and reduce glare on the screen from the sun.
  • Higher-end golf cart phone holders charge your phone while it’s mounted, keeping your battery topped off.
  • Phone holders keep your expensive smartphone protected from potential damage caused by it bouncing around or falling in the golf cart. They provide a safe place to store your phone securely while playing.

So in summary, golf cart phone holders are extremely useful accessories that allow you to safely and conveniently use your phone for music, GPS, and scoring without having to hold it. They keep your phone secure, protected, and charged – providing an invaluable utility for any golf cart.

How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Phone Holder?

Your phone is an indispensable golfing companion—it provides distance measurements, tracks your strokes and maps the course layout. But juggling your phone while driving a bumpy golf cart is an accident waiting to happen. The solution is Mounting it safely with the best golf cart phone holder for your needs.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through key factors to consider when picking the ideal phone holder for your cart. Follow these tips and you’ll have a trusted caddy keeping your phone secure from tee to green.

1. Assess Your Priorities First

Before shopping, think about your must-have features in a golf cart phone holder:

  • Do you want a fully adjustable mount or fixed position?
  • Is waterproofing a priority in case of rain or spills?
  • Do you need built-in phone charging capabilities?
  • How important is theft deterrence?

Your needs and budget will determine which specs are most important. List your wishlist to narrow your options.

2. Evaluate Mounting Options

Phone holders come with various mounting systems to attach to your golf cart. Assess the pros and cons of each:

  • Clamp mounts provide a universal fit for different cart makes but grip strength varies.
  • Adhesive mounts stick securely but must be kept clean for the best adhesion.
  • Magnetic mounts make phone attachment easy but may not hold as tightly.
  • Suction cups work if surfaces are smooth but can loosen over time.

Test grip strength and ease of installation for the mount type you choose.

3. Check Compatibility with Your Phone

While most cart phone holders are made to accommodate common phone sizes, double check dimensions. Measure your phone’s width and height against product specs listed. Also consider case sizes if using one.

4. Optimize Visibility and Accessibility

Check that the phone holder allows you to clearly see and tap your phone screen without obstruction. Look for adjustable brackets that swivel and tilt to reduce glare. Also see that the cradle provides full access to buttons and charging ports.

5. Go for Maximum Security

A rock solid grip will keep your phone safe even on the roughest terrain, preventing a lost phone disaster. Inspect how the cradle holds the phone—tight clamps, sturdy straps and grippy rubberized finish are ideal features. Locking mounts also deter theft.

With the right golf cart phone holder selected for your needs, you’ll have happy hands-free driving while your phone navigates every hole in one. Stay tuned for more guides to upgrade your golf gear!

What Features Should You Look for in a Golf Cart Phone Holder?

When selecting a golf cart phone holder, there are a few key features to consider:

Compatibility – The holder needs to be compatible with your specific phone make and model. Look for adjustable cradles and clamps that can accommodate various phone sizes. Also make sure it fits your golf cart – some are designed for different cart bar sizes.

Mounting Options – Look for versatile mounting options like clips, clamps and adhesive pads to securely attach the holder. The mount should keep the phone stable even when driving rough terrain. Some holders offer multiple mount types for flexibility.

Visibility – Choose a holder that positions your phone in clear view and at the right angle for optimal visibility. Adjustable angle mounts are ideal to reduce glare. Extendable length arms also allow you to position it closer or farther as needed.

Security – The holder should grip your phone snugly and have an adjustable clamp or straps to prevent it from shaking loose or falling out. Rubberized grips also help increase security. Locking mounts provide the most security.

Durability – Look for phone holders made from durable materials like aluminum or sturdy plastics that can withstand wear and tear over time. Waterproofing also helps protect from rain and spills.

Hands-free Use – Pick a holder that allows easy access to your phone’s screen and buttons so you can use it hands-free. Some have holes to access charging ports. Look for quick one-handed phone insertion/removal.

In summary, look for golf cart phone holders with adjustable and secure mounting, customizable positioning, durable construction and hands-free use features. Also consider conveniences like built-in charging, theft deterrence, and waterproofing based on your specific needs. Investing in a quality holder will provide you great utility and peace of mind.

Do You Need a Waterproof Golf Cart Phone Holder?

A waterproof golf cart phone holder is a smart accessory for any regular golfer to consider. While not an absolute necessity, a waterproof holder provides protection and peace of mind that can be worthwhile. Here are some reasons why you may want a waterproof holder:

  • Protection from rain: Golfing in the rain is inevitable at times. A waterproof holder safeguards your phone from getting wet during showers or storms. Without waterproofing, rain can seep into the mount and damage your phone.
  • Protection from spills: It’s easy to accidentally knock over a cup or bottle that splashes your golf cart’s cup holders and phone mount. A waterproof case provides a barrier against liquids.
  • Protection from humidity: Early morning rounds often mean dealing with dew and condensation on the course. A waterproof case blocks out humidity and moisture from fog.
  • Sturdy grip: Waterproof mounts typically have a strong rubberized grip and won’t lose hold of your phone when wet.
  • Peace of mind: Whether it’s drizzle, downpour, or spilled drink, a waterproof holder gives you one less thing to worry about damaging your costly phone.
  • Insurance for splurges: If you want to splurge on the latest high-end smartphone, a waterproof case protects your investment from golf cart mishaps.

Overall, a waterproof holder provides worthwhile insurance against water damage for regular golfers, especially those in wet climates. It may not be an absolute essential, but can give you useful peace of mind. The minor added cost is reasonable for protecting an expensive smartphone from the elements while golfing.

What Are the Safety Tips for Using a Phone Holder on a Golf Cart?

Position Wisely

Mount your phone holder in a spot that doesn’t obstruct your vision or ability to steer and control the golf cart. Don’t place it right in front of the steering wheel. Opt for mounting it to the side or corner instead. Also avoid mounting it too low where your knees or legs could hit it.

Avoid Distractions

Only interact with your phone when the golf cart is at a full stop. Don’t try to text, make calls or check apps while driving. Pull over fully before using your phone to avoid dangerous distractions.

Use Voice Commands

Many phones have voice control features. Use voice commands as much as possible to interact with your phone hands-free when driving. This is much safer than looking down and tapping the screen.

Only Glance Quickly

If you need to look at your phone for GPS, only glance quickly while still primarily looking ahead. Don’t stare down at your phone screen while driving. Stop fully to re-check directions if needed.

Adjust Volume

Keep call volumes low and use only one earbud to maintain awareness of your surroundings. Listen for fellow golfers yelling “fore!”

Add a Sun Visor

Glare can make it hard to see your phone screen. Add a visor above it to shade your phone from sun. Polarized sunglasses also reduce glare.

Drive Cautiously

Drive slowly and be ready to brake when using your phone. Be extra alert for people near the cart path or exiting the woods suddenly as you may be distracted.

Using basic precautions and common sense will allow you to utilize your phone holder safely without it becoming a hazard while golf carting. Just remember to always prioritize driving focus first.

Frequently Asked Questions when Picking the Best Golf Cart Phone Holders

What are the benefits of using a phone holder on a golf cart?

Using a phone holder on your golf cart offers several benefits. First and foremost, it keeps your phone securely mounted and easily accessible while you’re driving the cart, preventing it from sliding around or falling off. This way, you can quickly glance at your phone for directions, listen to music, or even take calls without having to hold it in your hand, which can be unsafe while operating the golf cart. Additionally, a good phone holder shields your device from potential damage caused by bumps, vibrations, or impacts during your ride.

What are the different types of golf cart phone holders available?

There are several types of phone holders designed for golf carts, each with its unique features and mounting mechanisms. Some common options include:

  • Cup Holder Mounts: These holders fit securely into the cup holder of your golf cart, providing a stable and convenient mounting location for your phone.
  • Handlebar/Railing Mounts: These mounts clamp onto the handlebars, railings, or frame of your golf cart, offering a secure and versatile mounting solution.
  • Vent Mounts: These holders attach to the air vents of your golf cart, allowing you to position your phone at an optimal viewing angle.
  • Suction Cup Mounts: These mounts use a strong suction cup to adhere to any smooth surface, such as the dashboard or windshield, providing a temporary mounting solution.

What features should I look for in a good golf cart phone holder?

When choosing the best golf cart phone holder, consider the following features:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the holder can securely accommodate your specific phone model and size, as well as any protective cases you might use.
  • Adjustability: Look for holders that allow you to adjust the viewing angle and orientation of your phone for optimal visibility and accessibility.
  • Durability: Choose a holder made from high-quality materials that can withstand the elements, vibrations, and potential impacts while on the golf course.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Opt for holders that are easy to install and remove, allowing you to quickly mount or unmount your phone as needed.
  • Secure Grip: The holder should provide a firm grip on your phone, preventing it from slipping out or detaching during your ride.
  • Weatherproofing: If you plan to use your phone holder outdoors, consider options with weatherproof or water-resistant features to protect your device from rain, moisture, or dust.

Are there any universal phone holders that can accommodate different phone models?

Yes, there are several universal phone holders available that can accommodate a wide range of phone models and sizes. These holders typically feature adjustable clamps or cradles that can expand or contract to securely hold phones of varying dimensions. Some popular universal options include:

  • Spring-loaded clamps that can grip phones of different thicknesses.
  • Adjustable cradles with side grips that can be positioned to fit different phone sizes.
  • Stretchy, rubberized holders that can conform to various phone shapes and sizes.
    While universal holders offer convenience and versatility, it’s essential to check the specific dimensions and compatibility specifications to ensure a proper fit for your phone model.

How do I install and use a golf cart phone holder?

The installation process for a golf cart phone holder varies depending on the type and mounting mechanism. Here are some general steps:

  • Cup Holder Mounts: Simply insert the mount into the cup holder of your golf cart, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Handlebar/Railing Mounts: Clamp the mount onto the handlebar, railing, or frame of your golf cart, tightening it securely.
  • Vent Mounts: Insert the mounting clips into the air vents of your golf cart, ensuring a tight fit.
  • Suction Cup Mounts: Clean the surface where you want to mount the holder, press the suction cup firmly against the surface, and engage the locking mechanism.
    Once the mount is securely installed, simply place your phone into the holder’s cradle or clamp, adjusting the viewing angle and orientation as desired. Some holders might require you to remove your phone’s case for a proper fit, while others can accommodate cases. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe and proper installation and use.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right golf cart phone holder can be a challenge with so many options on the market. Following the tips in this guide will help you identify the ideal mount for your needs. Consider which features are must-haves like adjustable angles, waterproofing or built-in charging. Check that the mount fits your particular golf cart design and phone dimensions. Prioritize a sturdy, secure grip to protect your phone on the course.

With your phone safely in hand’s reach, you can fully utilize its capabilities for golfing without worry. Driving while checking yardages and scoring becomes smooth sailing instead of a bumpy ride. And you’ll avoid the headaches of a dropped or damaged phone.

Investing in a solid golf cart phone holder provides great utility and convenience for any golfer. So equip yourself with knowledge and find the perfect model to enhance your game. Then you can keep your eyes ahead while your new phone caddy does the rest!

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