Capturing every swing, chip, and putt on the golf course has never been easier with the right phone stand. Whether you’re an avid golfer looking to analyze your technique or a content creator aiming to share your golfing adventures, a sturdy and versatile phone stand can be a game-changer. In this guide, we’ll explore the best phone stands for golf filming, taking into account factors like portability, adjustability, and durability. Get ready to elevate your golfing experience and unleash your creativity on the fairways with the perfect phone stand that suits your needs and passion for the sport.

Golf Swing Analyzer Phone Holder Stand

Golf Swing Analyzer Phone Holder Stand

Elevate your golf game with the Golf Swing Analyzer Phone Holder Stand, a versatile tripod stand designed to capture every detail of your swing. With an adjustable height range of 15 to 51 inches, this golf tripod selfie stick accommodates various shooting angles, ensuring you can perfectly frame your technique from tee to follow-through. Its quick buckle design allows for effortless length adjustment and positioning of your smartphone (up to 6.8 inches) or action camera, minimizing setup time on the course.

Compact and portable, this lightweight tripod easily fits into your golf bag, making it an essential accessory for golfers who want to analyze and fine-tune their swing on the go. Moreover, with its built-in 1/4-inch thread, you can connect a wide range of compatible devices, expanding your recording possibilities.

Pros And Cons


  1. Adjustable height for capturing swing from various angles.
  2. Quick setup with buckle design for easy length and position adjustment.
  3. Compact and lightweight, fitting conveniently in a golf bag.
  4. Compatible with smartphones up to 6.8 inches and action cameras.
  5. Versatile with 1/4-inch thread for connecting other compatible devices.


  1. Compatibility limited to specific device sizes.

Golf Phone Monopod Holder Stand

Golf Phone Monopod Holder

The Golf Phone Monopod Holder from YKI is an innovative golf training aid that allows golfers to easily record and analyze their golf swing. Its lightweight aluminum alloy construction and flip-lock height adjustment from 22 to 36 inches make it highly portable and versatile for getting the optimal recording angle. The sturdy ground stake and vibration dampening ensure stable, shake-free video for accurately studying your swing mechanics and body positioning.

With universal compatibility, this monopod securely holds all smartphones using the included metal ring. The standard 1/4 inch threaded head also works seamlessly with GoPro cameras and similar action cams. By providing golfers an easy way to film their swings and study the footage after, this excellent training tool helps unlock hidden potential and shave strokes off your game.

Pros And Cons


  • Lightweight, adjustable, and portable
  • Creates stable, clear swing recordings
  • Works with all phones and action cams
  • Helps analyze and improve your golf swing


  • Cannot be used on hard surfaces

Golf Phone Stand for Swing Filming

Golf Monopod Selfie Stick

The Golf Phone Stand is an innovative golf training aid that enables golfers to easily record their swing for analysis and improvement. With an adjustable height range from 12.5 to 41 inches, it can capture your entire swing to compare positions and perfect your form. The ultra lightweight, portable design conveniently fits in your golf bag for quick setup anywhere on the course. Simply stake the sturdy ground spike into the grass, and attach your phone, camera, or GoPro using the flexible gooseneck for optimal multi-angle recording.

It features universal compatibility through the built-in 1/4″ threaded head, included phone mount, camera mount, and mini ball head. By allowing easy, adaptable swing recordings from address to follow through, this trainer provides the feedback you need to transform your technique. Analyze your swing videos to identify strengths and weaknesses, then implement expert drills to play like the pros.

Pros And Cons


  • Adjustable height for full swing capture
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Works with phones, cameras, GoPros


  • Cannot be used on hard surfaces

Golf Swing Analyzer Phone Stand

YKI Golf Swing Analyzer Holder

The YKI Golf Swing Analyzer Phone Stand is an innovative golf training aid that enables golfers to film and scrutinize their swings to make transformative improvements. Its adjustable 5-segment pole design allows you to customize recording viewpoints from multiple heights and angles to comprehensively study your alignment, swing mechanics, ball impact, and finish positions. The lightweight, portable poles conveniently assemble without tools and fit into the included carrying pouch for easy transport.

Simply screw them together, securely stake into any turf, and start recording your swings hassle-free. The mount works universally with all smartphones, giving clear swing feedback. By enabling multi-angle swing recordings and thorough analysis, this trainer identifies flaw corrections for dramatic skill development.

Pros And Cons


  • Enables multi-angle swing analysis
  • Customizable and portable design
  • Easy no-tool assembly and use
  • Works with all smartphones


  • Cannot be used on hard surfaces

Weilisi Adjustable Gooseneck Phone Tripod Stand with Remote

Weilisi Adjustable Gooseneck Phone Tripod Stand with Remote

The Weilisi 82” Flexible Gooseneck Tripod provides versatile positioning for smartphones, tablets, and cameras. Its adjustable aluminum alloy pole extends from 13.5 to 82 inches, enabling both low-angle and overhead shots. The flexible gooseneck allows fine tuning of angles and heights for the perfect composition. Dual holders securely grip phones up to 3.85 inches wide and tablets up to 10 inches, while non-slip silicone pads protect devices.

The included Bluetooth remote triggers shutter release from up to 30 feet away for convenient hands-free operation. When collapsed, the tripod folds down to a compact 17.4 inches for portability. Constructed from premium materials, this heavy-duty tripod provides superior stability compared to traditional lightweight models. Vloggers, photographers, and casual users alike praise its height range, flexibility, and reliability.

Pros And Cons


  • Extends up to 82 inches
  • Flexible gooseneck for positioning
  • Holds phones and tablets
  • Includes Bluetooth remote


  • Can not deal with uneven ground
  • Not stable enough because of short tripod legs

Eicaus Cell Phone Tripod Stand

Eicaus Cell Phone Tripod Stand

The Eicaus 92” Tall Phone Tripod Stand offers exceptional height, adjustability, and portability for smartphone photographers and content creators. Its aluminum alloy pole extends an impressive 16 to 92 inches, while the 16.5-inch flexible gooseneck enables precise positioning from any angle. The sturdy weighted base and flip-lock mechanism provide superior stability and allow swift folding down to 16 inches for packing.

Built to last, the tripod features a rotatable ball head and adjustable phone clip fitting devices 2.8 to 5.7 inches wide. It includes a Bluetooth remote control with 30 foot range for convenient hands-free use. Vloggers, influencers, and casual users alike praise the tripod’s reliability, intuitive setup, and compatibility with all iOS and Android smartphones. For next-level photos and videos from creative perspectives, the Eicaus tripod empowers users to fully harness their device capabilities.

Pros And Cons


  • Extends up to 92 inches
  • 16.5″ flexible gooseneck
  • Folds down compactly
  • Fits phones and cameras


  • Can not deal with uneven ground
  • Not stable enough because of short tripod legs

VICTIV 85″ Tall Cell Phone Tripod Stand

VICTIV 85" Tall Cell Phone Tripod Stand

This versatile tripod boasts a 15.8″ flexible gooseneck, allowing you to capture stunning low-angle or high-angle shots effortlessly. Extend the tripod from 19″ to an impressive 85″ for optimal framing and stability. The upgraded cold shoe phone clip accommodates smartphones ranging from 2.28″ to 4″, ensuring a secure fit for iPhones, Androids, and most modern devices. Enhance your setup with additional accessories like fill lights or microphones for professional-grade results.

With a 180° swivel head, you can seamlessly transition from horizontal to vertical mode, catering to various content formats. The detachable selfie stick and wireless remote control make capturing solo shots, group photos, and videos a breeze, even from a distance.

EUCOS Newest 62″ Phone Tripod

EUCOS Newest 62" Phone Tripod

Engineered with Nylon6/6 and featuring a fast aluminum ring lock, this tripod stand delivers unparalleled durability, lightweight portability, and rock-solid stability. Versatility takes center stage with the EUCOS 2-in-1 multifunctional design, seamlessly transitioning from a selfie stick for iPhone to a full-fledged tripod stand. The universal 1/4″ screw mount accommodates most cameras, action cams, and GoPro devices, making it an indispensable companion for adventurers, vloggers, and professionals on the go.

Effortless framing and remote shooting are at your fingertips with the flexible, highly durable Tripod Mount Adapter. Its limit flange design enables easy adjustment of horizontal, 45-degree, and vertical positions, ensuring you capture stunning group selfies or stable videos with the included remote control. Gain unique vantage points and angles for a fresh perspective.

Why Do You Need a Phone Stand for Golf Filming?

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, filming your swing can be an invaluable tool. By recording your swing from different angles, you can closely analyze your mechanics, identify flaws, and make the necessary adjustments to refine your technique. However, trying to hold your phone steady while swinging a golf club is virtually impossible, and will likely result in shaky, unusable footage. This is where a dedicated phone stand for golf filming comes into play.

A well-designed phone stand allows you to securely mount your smartphone at the optimal position to capture your swing. Whether you prefer to film from the front, side, or even behind your stance, a adjustable phone stand ensures a stable, unobstructed view of your entire swing motion. This stability is crucial for recording clear, high-quality video that can be effectively analyzed frame-by-frame.

Moreover, a phone stand for golf filming frees up your hands, allowing you to focus solely on your swing without worrying about holding your phone steady. This natural, unencumbered swing is essential for getting an accurate representation of your mechanics, rather than compensating for holding a phone and potentially developing bad habits.

Beyond swing analysis, a phone stand can also be invaluable for filming practice sessions, lessons with your golf pro, or even capturing those memorable shots out on the course. With a dedicated phone stand, you can easily record your progress over time, celebrate your achievements, and share your golf journey with friends and family.

What Features Should You Look for in a Phone Stand for Golf?

When looking for a phone stand specifically designed for golf filming, there are several key features you should prioritize:

Stability and Sturdiness

One of the most important aspects of a golf phone stand is its ability to remain completely stable and sturdy, even when faced with the force and vibrations generated by a powerful golf swing. Look for stands constructed from heavy-duty materials like aluminum or high-grade plastics that won’t wobble or topple over during use. Robust, widely-spaced legs or a weighted base can also contribute to superior stability.

Adjustability and Versatility

Every golfer’s stance and swing is unique, so an adjustable phone stand is crucial for capturing the perfect angle for analysis. The best golf phone stands allow you to adjust the height, tilt, and rotation of the phone mount, ensuring you can frame your swing precisely how you need it. Some stands even offer pivoting arm attachments for filming impressive trick shots or follow-through sequences.

Portability and Compactness

As a golfer, you’ll likely want to use your phone stand at the driving range, on the course, and potentially even during travel for tournaments or golf getaways. Prioritize stands that are lightweight yet durable, with folding legs or components that allow for easy transportation and storage in your golf bag.

Phone Compatibility

Make sure the phone stand you choose can accommodate the specific model of smartphone you own, including any protective cases you typically use. Adjustable clamps or grips are ideal, as they can securely hold phones of various sizes without obstructing buttons or ports.

By considering factors like stability, adjustability, portability, phone compatibility, you can find a phone stand that meets all your golf filming needs and helps take your swing analysis to the next level.

How Do You Choose the Right Phone Stand for Your Needs?

Choosing the right phone stand for your golf filming needs requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure you get a product that meets your specific requirements. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Portability vs. Stability

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you prioritize portability or maximum stability. If you plan to primarily use the stand at your home driving range or practice facility, you may opt for a heavier, more robust stand that offers uncompromising sturdiness. However, if you need to frequently transport the stand to different courses or travel with it, a lightweight and compact folding stand would better suit your needs.

Phone Compatibility

Make sure to check that the stand you’re considering is compatible with the specific make and model of your smartphone, including any protective case you use. Some stands have adjustable clamps or grips that can accommodate a wide range of phone sizes, while others are designed to fit specific dimensions. It’s also worth considering if you plan to upgrade your phone in the near future.

Filming Angle Adjustability

The ability to adjust the angle and positioning of your phone is crucial for capturing your golf swing from the ideal vantage point. Look for stands that offer multi-axis adjustability, allowing you to tweak the height, tilt, rotation, and even the distance from your stance. This versatility ensures you can experiment to find the perfect angle for analysis.

Outdoor Usage

If you primarily film outdoors, prioritize stands designed with features like sun visors or shades to reduce glare on your phone’s screen. Additionally, consider stands made from weather-resistant materials that can withstand exposure to the elements. Some models even include ground stakes or weights to prevent tipping in windy conditions.

By weighing factors like portability, phone compatibility, adjustability, outdoor usage needs, and your budget, you can narrow down your choices and select the perfect phone stand to take your golf swing analysis and filming to new heights.

Can a Phone Stand Help Improve Your Golf Swing Analysis?

Yes, using a dedicated phone stand for golf filming can significantly improve your ability to analyze and refine your golf swing. Here’s how:

Stable and Clear Footage

One of the primary benefits of a phone stand is that it allows you to capture stable, high-quality video footage of your golf swing. When trying to record with just your hands, even the slightest movement can result in shaky, blurred footage that makes it difficult to see the finer details of your mechanics. With a sturdy phone stand, you can ensure crystal-clear video that can be paused and examined frame-by-frame, revealing subtle nuances in your swing path, weight transfer, and body positioning.

Consistent Viewing Angles

Another advantage of using a phone stand is the ability to consistently film your swing from the same angle and distance, facilitating more accurate analysis and comparisons over time. By setting up the stand in the optimal position, you can review each swing from an identical vantage point, making it easier to identify patterns, track progress, and isolate specific areas that need improvement.

Multiple Viewing Perspectives

While a single viewing angle can be valuable, many golf phone stands offer adjustable positioning or even multi-arm designs that allow you to simultaneously capture footage from various angles. This can provide a more comprehensive understanding of your swing mechanics, as you can analyze your movements from the front, side, and even behind your stance. Combining these different perspectives can reveal insights that might be missed from just one angle.

Enhanced Self-Analysis

With a phone stand, you can easily review your swing footage immediately after each take, without the need for additional equipment or assistance. This real-time self-analysis allows you to quickly identify areas of concern and make adjustments on the spot, fostering a more efficient practice and improvement process. You can also use the recorded footage to compare your swing to professional examples or instructional videos, further refining your technique.

Integration with Coaching and Analysis Apps

Many modern golf phone stands are designed to seamlessly integrate with popular swing analysis apps and coaching tools. By mounting your phone securely on the stand, you can leverage these technologies to overlay swing planes, calculate metrics like club head speed, and receive personalized feedback and drills tailored to your specific needs.

With the stability, consistency, and multi-angle capabilities provided by a high-quality phone stand for golf filming, you can take your swing analysis to new depths, gain deeper insights into your mechanics, and ultimately develop a more efficient, consistent, and powerful golf swing.

Can a Phone Stand for Golf Filming Be Used for Other Sports or Activities?

While phone stands are primarily designed and marketed for golf filming, their versatility allows them to be useful tools for capturing footage in various other sports and activities as well. Here are some examples of how a phone stand can extend its usefulness beyond the golf course:

Other Swing Sports

The core functionality of providing a stable platform for recording swing mechanics can benefit athletes in sports like baseball, softball, tennis, and even martial arts. By setting up the phone stand at the optimal angle, batters can analyze their swing path, tennis players can review their serve and groundstroke techniques, and martial artists can study the intricate movements of their forms or sparring sequences.

Fitness and Exercise Recording

Many fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers use video analysis to assess form, identify imbalances, and ensure proper execution of exercises. A phone stand can be invaluable in this context, allowing for hands-free recording of weightlifting, yoga, Pilates, or any other fitness routine. The adjustable nature of many phone stands makes it easy to capture footage from different perspectives, providing a comprehensive view of the movements being performed.

Dance and Performance Arts

For dancers, choreographers, and other performers, having a reliable way to record and review routines can be incredibly helpful for refining techniques and ensuring synchronization. A phone stand can be positioned to capture full-body movements, allowing performers to analyze their form, timing, and stage presence from an external perspective.

Instructional and Tutorial Videos

Content creators who produce instructional videos, whether for sports, crafts, cooking, or any other skill-based activity, can benefit greatly from using a phone stand. The stable platform ensures clear, steady footage, while the adjustable positioning allows for optimal framing and angles to effectively demonstrate techniques and processes.

Home Renovation and DIY Projects

In the realm of home improvement and DIY projects, a phone stand can serve as a hands-free tool for documenting progress, capturing detailed shots of intricate work, or even creating time-lapse videos of larger projects. The stand’s ability to be positioned at various angles and heights can provide invaluable perspectives for future reference or sharing with others.

While phone stands may have originated as a golf-specific accessory, their versatility and adjustability make them valuable assets for anyone looking to capture high-quality video footage across a wide range of activities and interests.

Frequently asked questions when picking the best phone stands for filming golf

Why do I need a phone stand for filming golf?

A phone stand allows you to set up your smartphone to record yourself swinging or putting without needing someone else to film or propping it precariously. It provides a hands-free way to capture your golf game.

What features should I look for in a golf phone stand?

Key features to look for are portability, adjustable heights and angles, a remote shutter control or Bluetooth connectivity, clip or tripod legs for stability, and a lightweight but sturdy and durable frame. Waterproofing and sunshade visors are also useful golf phone stand features.

Are there stands made specifically for filming golf?

Yes, many companies make golf-specific phone stands. They have two legs that slide into the ground and an adjustable mount to capture different golf shots. Some good brands are SquareUp Golf, GolfLogix, Voice Caddie, and Perfect Practice.

Can I just use a regular tripod?

You can use a normal tripod, but they are bulkier to carry and set up. Mini tripods that attach to your golf bag or cart are easier to use on the course. Or look for an ultra-portable tabletop tripod stand.

How do I get the best golf swing video footage?

Position the stand about 4-5 feet behind and facing your swing path. Use a Bluetooth remote or timer to start filming. Frame yourself from head to toe and keep the camera still. Capture some practice swings first before the main shots. Film in landscape orientation.

What’s the best way to stabilize my phone on the stand?

Opt for stands with bendable legs that can be pressed into the ground for added stability. Rubber feet also add grip. Use phone clamp mounts over stretchable bands. Point the camera down slightly for a lower center of gravity. Some stands also have weighted bases.

Should I invest in a more expensive golf phone stand?

Inexpensive stands under $20 can do the job but may be flimsier. Spend $30 to $75 for more durable materials, versatile angles, remote controls, and bonus features like mountable storage clips or golf bag attachments.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to fine-tune your swing, a beginner eager to develop proper technique from the start, or simply someone who loves capturing their golf adventures on video, investing in a high-quality phone stand can be a game-changer. With the ability to provide stable footage from multiple angles, allow for real-time self-analysis, and integrate with powerful coaching apps, a phone stand is an invaluable tool for anyone serious about improving their golf game through video swing analysis.

And beyond the golf course, these versatile stands can also elevate your video production capabilities for other sports, fitness routines, instructional content, and more. By prioritizing features like sturdiness, adjustability, portability, and outdoor usability, you can find the perfect phone stand to meet your specific needs and take your golf filming – and overall performance – to new heights.

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