Capturing those epic golf shots and fun course selfies used to be a real struggle. Either you had to ask a stranger to take the photo, set up your camera for a timed shot, or miss out entirely. However, the golf selfie stick has revolutionized how players can easily photograph and video their time on the links. These specialized extension poles allow you to get your smartphone camera positioned perfectly to document your swing, celebration dances after draining that long putt, or selfies with your foursome on a scenic hole. With various lengths, remote shutter controls, and even built-in tripods, today’s golf selfie sticks provide the ideal solution for enriching your golf memories and sharing content from your latest round.

YKI Golf Tripod Selfie Stick

YKI Golf Tripod Selfie Stick

Elevate your golf game with the YKI Golf Tripod Selfie Stick, a specialized golf swing analyzer holder designed to help you capture and analyze your swing motion from various angles. With its robust tripod base made of aluminum alloy, this golf phone camera holder ensures maximum stability on the fairway, rough, or even the practice range, keeping your smartphone or camera steady during swing recordings.

Compact and portable, it extends from a convenient 14 inches to 51 inches, making it easy to carry in your golf bag for on-the-go analysis. Compatible with smartphones up to 6.8 inches and equipped with a universal 1/4-inch thread mount, this golf tripod stand accommodates various cameras, allowing you to capture high-quality swing videos. Additionally, its professional angle-shifting axis supports 360-degree rotation, enabling you to find the most suitable angle for capturing your golf shots.

Pros And Cons


  1. Designed specifically for golf swing recording and analysis.
  2. Robust tripod base ensures stability on various terrains.
  3. Compact and portable design for easy carrying in a golf bag.
  4. Wide compatibility with smartphones up to 6.8 inches and cameras.
  5. 360-degree rotation for optimal angle adjustment.


  1. Compatibility limited to specific device sizes.

Golf Phone Monopod Selfie Stick Holder

Golf Phone Monopod Holder

The Golf Phone Monopod Holder from YKI is an innovative golf training aid that allows golfers to easily record and analyze their golf swing. Its lightweight aluminum alloy construction and flip-lock height adjustment from 22 to 36 inches make it highly portable and versatile for getting the optimal recording angle. The sturdy ground stake and vibration dampening ensure stable, shake-free video for accurately studying your swing mechanics and body positioning.

With universal compatibility, this monopod securely holds all smartphones using the included metal ring. The standard 1/4 inch threaded head also works seamlessly with GoPro cameras and similar action cams. By providing golfers an easy way to film their swings and study the footage after, this excellent training tool helps unlock hidden potential and shave strokes off your game.

Pros And Cons


  • Lightweight, adjustable, and portable
  • Creates stable, clear swing recordings
  • Works with all phones and action cams
  • Helps analyze and improve your golf swing


  • Cannot be used on hard surfaces

Golf Selfie Stick

Golf Monopod Selfie Stick

The Golf Selfie Stick is an innovative golf training aid that enables golfers to easily record their swing for analysis and improvement. With an adjustable height range from 12.5 to 41 inches, it can capture your entire swing to compare positions and perfect your form. The ultra lightweight, portable design conveniently fits in your golf bag for quick setup anywhere on the course. Simply stake the sturdy ground spike into the grass, and attach your phone, camera, or GoPro using the flexible gooseneck for optimal multi-angle recording.

It features universal compatibility through the built-in 1/4″ threaded head, included phone mount, camera mount, and mini ball head. By allowing easy, adaptable swing recordings from address to follow through, this trainer provides the feedback you need to transform your technique. Analyze your swing videos to identify strengths and weaknesses, then implement expert drills to play like the pros.

Pros And Cons


  • Adjustable height for full swing capture
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Works with phones, cameras, GoPros


  • Cannot be used on hard surfaces

Golf Swing Analyzer Selfie Stick

YKI Golf Swing Analyzer Holder

The Golf Swing Analyzer Selfie Stick is an innovative golf training aid that enables golfers to film and scrutinize their swings to make transformative improvements. Its adjustable 5-segment pole design allows you to customize recording viewpoints from multiple heights and angles to comprehensively study your alignment, swing mechanics, ball impact, and finish positions. The lightweight, portable poles conveniently assemble without tools and fit into the included carrying pouch for easy transport.

Simply screw them together, securely stake into any turf, and start recording your swings hassle-free. The mount works universally with all smartphones, giving clear swing feedback. By enabling multi-angle swing recordings and thorough analysis, this trainer identifies flaw corrections for dramatic skill development.

Pros And Cons


  • Enables multi-angle swing analysis
  • Customizable and portable design
  • Easy no-tool assembly and use
  • Works with all smartphones


  • Cannot be used on hard surfaces

OMOTON Phone Tripod Compatible with MagSafe

OMOTON Phone Tripod Compatible with MagSafe

The OMOTON 64” Extendable Magnetic Phone Tripod provides a versatile selfie stick and tripod in one convenient device. Its lightweight aluminum alloy pole extends from 12 to 64 inches, enabling both ground-level and elevated shots. The sturdy tripod base offers stability for crisp photos and shake-free video, while the magnetic adapter securely holds iPhones and other smartphones when attached.

With 360 degree rotation and flip arm, users can easily angle their phone horizontally or vertically to frame perfect portraits, landscapes, and selfies. The built-in Bluetooth remote allows hands-free shutter control from up to 35 feet away. When collapsed, the entire tripod packs down to a compact 12 inches for portability. Vloggers, influencers, and casual photographers alike praise its reliability, intuitive design, and premium build quality.

Pros And Cons


  • Extends up to 64 inches
  • Magnetic phone attachment
  • 360 degree rotation for angling
  • Bluetooth remote with 35ft range


  • Can not deal with uneven ground
  • Not stable enough because of short tripod legs

Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick for Golf Training

Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick for Golf Training

The 62” Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick from EUG-PRODUCTS provides golfers with an ideal training aid for analyzing and improving their swing. Its lightweight aluminum alloy pole extends from 17 to 62 inches, enabling video capture from multiple heights and angles. The sturdy tripod base offers shake-free stability during filming, while the mount rotates 360 degrees to properly frame swing playback. The included Bluetooth remote allows convenient hands-free video recording up to 33 feet away.

Designed for versatility, this tripod doubles as a handheld selfie stick with ergonomic grip. It folds down to just 16.5 inches, fitting neatly into golf bags for easy portability. Constructed from durable materials and rigorously tested by professionals, EUG-PRODUCTS stands behind this high-quality tripod with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Golfers praise its adjustable height, remote control, and compatibility with all smartphones.

Pros And Cons


  • Extends 62 inches for multi-angle video
  • 360 degree rotating phone mount
  • Handy Bluetooth remote control
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum design


  • Can not deal with uneven ground
  • Not stable enough because of short tripod legs

Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick

Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick

With a maximum extendable height of 80 inches via a 7-section aluminum alloy construction, this tripod provides a broader field of view and meets your needs in any occasion. The reinforced tripod base and corrosion-resistant design ensure sturdy and durable performance, securely holding your devices in place without tipping over.

Achieve 360-degree panoramic shooting and 180-degree up and down shooting with the 360-degree rotating balance handle. Adjust various angles for horizontal and vertical shooting, capturing the perfect shot every time. Additionally, you can attach an action camera or ring light, transforming this tripod into a versatile stand for all your content creation needs.

ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick

ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick

The ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick features a 270-degree rotatable phone holder, supporting both horizontal and vertical orientations. With a 180-degree adjustable angle, you can select the perfect angle to capture breathtaking shots. The phone holder accommodates devices up to 3.42 inches wide, ensuring compatibility with popular smartphones like iPhone 13/12/11 Pro, Samsung, and more.

Enjoy the convenience of a detachable Bluetooth remote with a range of up to 33 feet, allowing you to capture selfies or group photos effortlessly. Powered by a built-in 50mAh rechargeable Lithium battery, you can continuously capture up to 15,000 photos on a single charge via the USB charging port. The remote is compatible with iOS 7.0, Android 5.0, and above devices.

What is a Golf Selfie Stick?

A golf selfie stick is a specialized device designed to help golfers capture high-quality photos and videos of themselves on the course. It is an extended pole or monopod with a built-in clamp or mount at the end to securely hold a smartphone or compact camera.

In essence, a golf selfie stick extends your reach, allowing you to take selfies or group photos from a distance without having to rely on someone else to take the shot. This is particularly useful for golfers who want to document their swing, celebrate a hole-in-one, or capture memorable moments with their playing partners on the green.

Unlike regular selfie sticks, golf-specific models are typically constructed with durable materials like aluminum or carbon fiber to withstand the rigors of outdoor use on the golf course. They often feature rubberized grips for a secure hold and may have built-in bluetooth remote controls or auxiliary mounts for accessories like microphones or lights.

Some golf selfie sticks even come with specialized features like telescoping lengths to adjust the shooting angle, built-in tripod legs for added stability, or even integrated levels to ensure perfectly framed shots. These enhancements cater specifically to the needs of golfers who demand both convenience and quality when capturing their golfing adventures.

With a golf selfie stick, you can extend your photography reach up to several feet, opening up new possibilities for creative angles and group compositions on the fairway or putting green. It’s a must-have accessory for any avid golfer who wants to document their passion for the sport in style.

Why Do You Need a Selfie Stick for Golfing?

Capturing Your Swing Form

One of the primary reasons to use a selfie stick while golfing is to get a better view and recording of your swing form. By extending the camera away from your body, you can capture video footage that shows your entire swing motion from address to follow-through. This viewpoint is extremely valuable for self-analysis and can help you identify flaws or areas for improvement in your technique.

Group Photos on the Course

Golfing is often a social activity enjoyed with friends or family members. A selfie stick allows you to easily take group photos on the course to commemorate the round. Instead of asking a passerby to take the picture, you can use the extendedreach of the selfie stick to get everyone in the frame from the ideal angle and distance.

Celebrating Achievement Shots

Whether it’s your first hole-in-one, an amazing long putt, or reaching a new personal best score, golfers always want to capture their greatest achievements. A selfie stick enables you to take perfectly framed selfies holding up the ball or striking a celebratory pose right after that career shot. No more awkward arm’s length photos!

Hands-Free Course Videography

Many modern selfie sticks come with tripod attachments or legs that allow them to stand upright. This means you can set up the selfie stick hands-free and record videos of your entire shot sequence – from the address and swing to the ball flight and landed shot. Capturing this comprehensive footage is invaluable for later analysis.

Social Media Content

In today’s world, golfers love sharing their passion for the sport on social media. A selfie stick is the perfect tool for getting eye-catching pictures and video clips to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other platforms. With creative angles and better framing, your golf content will really stand out.

So in summary, a selfie stick is an incredibly versatile tool that allows golfers to improve their game via swing videos, celebrate achievements, take fantastic group photos, record pro-level hands-free videography, and create engaging social content – all while protecting your phone!

How to Choose the Best Golf Selfie Stick?

Length and Reach

One of the most important considerations is the extended length of the selfie stick. You’ll want one that can provide enough reach to capture your full swing motion from various angles. Many golf selfie sticks extend between 17-51 inches, giving you plenty of range. However, make sure it’s not too long to become unwieldy or difficult to handle and control.

Weight and Portability

Since you’ll be carrying the selfie stick around for 18 holes, you don’t want one that’s excessively heavy or bulky. Look for lightweight materials like aluminum, carbon fiber or durable plastics. The ability to collapse or fold down to a compact size for easy storage in your golf bag is also ideal.

Grip and Hand Strap

A secure, ergonomic grip is essential for maintaining control over your selfie stick, especially during active golf swings. Rubberized grips with textures and finger grooves offer the best non-slip performance. Some models come with a hand strap for extra stability as well.

Phone/Camera Mount

Different selfie sticks use various mounting methods to securely hold your phone or camera in place – spring-loaded clamps, locking clips, or adjustable grips. Make sure the mount is compatible with your device size and has a firm hold to prevent any slippage or spinning during use. A swivel ball head can also help you find the perfect angle.

Remote Shutter Control

To avoid any blurriness from pressing the shutter, look for golf selfie sticks that come with a built-in bluetooth remote or cable release. This allows you to control the camera shutter from the grip for crisp, blur-free shots every time.

Sturdiness and Stability

Stability is paramount for golf selfie sticks which see a lot of dynamic movement. Choose one made of sturdy materials that feels well-balanced even at full extension. Some sticks even include small tripod feet or can attach to accessories like mini tripods for ultimate stability when videoing.

By considering factors like length, portability, phone mount, grip, remote control, and overall build quality, you can find the golf selfie stick best suited for capturing incredible content from the course. Don’t stint on quality – this is an investment for elevating your golf photography and videography skills.

Which Features Should You Look for in a Golf Selfie Stick?

When shopping for a golf selfie stick, there are several key features you should look for to ensure you get the most value and functionality out of your purchase. Here are some of the top features to prioritize:

Bluetooth Remote Shutter

One of the most convenient features in a golf selfie stick is a built-in Bluetooth remote shutter release. This allows you to easily take photos and videos hands-free by pressing a button on the grip handle instead of having to tap your phone’s shutter button. It minimizes camera shake for sharper shots and lets you capture yourself mid-swing without contortions.

Adjustable Length

Look for a selfie stick with an adjustable telescoping pole that can extend to your desired length. Longer lengths up to 51 inches allow you to get full videos of your swing plane. But make sure it can also retract to a compact size for easy storage and transportation in your golf bag.

360° Swivel Head

A phone/camera mount with a 360° swivel ball head provides ultimate flexibility for getting unique angles beyond just straight-on selfies. You can pivot and rotate your device for creative side shots, action videos of ball strikes, or even group photos from up high.

Durable, Weather-Resistant Construction

Since you’ll be using it outdoors on the course, durability is key. Opt for a golf selfie stick made of rugged yet lightweight materials like anodized aluminum or carbon fiber that can withstand minor bumps and exposure to the elements. Water/rain resistance is also a plus.

Quick Secure Phone Mount

The phone holding mount or clamp should allow for a quick and secure attachment. Adjustable brackets that can accommodate different phone sizes/cases are ideal. And a firm, non-slip grip prevents any wiggling, rotating, or dropping of your phone during swings.

Built-In Level

Having a bubble level integrated into the selfie stick handle provides a handy way to ensure your phone is perfectly level and straight for properly framed and balanced photos/videos.

By prioritizing features like remote shutters, adjustable lengths, swivel mounts, durability, secure phone clamps, tripod bases, and built-in levels you can find a golf selfie stick that truly elevates your ability to capture high-quality, memorable content from the course. Don’t settle for a basic model – invest in one optimized for golfers’ needs.

How to Use a Golf Selfie Stick Effectively?

Using a golf selfie stick effectively requires some technique and practice. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your golf selfie stick:

Mastering the Grip

Develop a comfortable yet secure grip on the selfie stick handle. Make sure your grip hand isn’t too close to the end as this can cause camera shake. Use the non-slip rubber grip and keep your wrist firm but relaxed. For extra stability, you can grip further down the pole with your other hand.

Finding the Right Length

Extend the selfie stick to your desired length based on what you want to capture. For full swing videos, you’ll want to be 5-6 feet away at least. But for tighter shots like putting, extend it less. Play with different lengths until you get your ideal framing.

Achieving Proper Angle

If your selfie stick has a swivel ball head, adjust the angle before recording. Get low for driver shots or up high for an overhead viewpoint putting. Having the flexibility to capture creative angles makes your content more engaging.

Leveraging Stability Features

Make use of any stability-enhancing features like mini tripods or kickstands. This lets you prop up the selfie stick hands-free to capture your entire swing sequence in one take without it trembling or falling over.

Varying Your Shots

Don’t just stick to the same angles. Walk around the ball capturing footage from multiple perspectives – face-on, down-the-line views, up high, low ground angles. Mixing it up makes your videos more dynamic.

Reviewing and Adjusting

After a few practice recordings, play back the footage checking for proper framing, focus, lighting and steadiness. Make adjustments to the stick length, angle or stability as needed until you get great results.

With proper grip technique, creative angles, remote shutter use and stability maximization, you can use your golf selfie stick to capture incredibly clear, high-quality, multi-angle videos and photos of your swing, putting, ball strikes and more. The possibilities are endless!

Frequently asked questions when picking the best golf selfie sticks

What is a golf selfie stick?

A golf selfie stick is an extendable monopod or pole that allows you to hold your smartphone or camera at an extended distance from your body. This enables you to take better selfies or group photos on the golf course without needing someone to take the picture for you.

Why use a selfie stick for golf?

Selfie sticks are useful for golf because they allow you to capture great shots of yourself on the course, celebrating a great shot, or posing with your golf buddies without having to ask a stranger to take the picture. They give you more flexibility and control over your golf photos.

What features should I look for in a good golf selfie stick?

Some key features to consider are: adjustable length (ideally 18-40 inches), lightweight but sturdy construction, a Bluetooth remote for remote shutter control, a stable grip or tripod base, water/shock resistance, and compatibility with different phone models.

Are there any selfie sticks designed specifically for golf?

Yes, several companies make selfie stick models designed with golfers in mind. These often have rubberized no-slip grips, and can even attach to your golf bag or cart. Top golf selfie stick brand is YKI.

Can I use any standard selfie stick for golf?

You can use a regular selfie stick for golf, but models designed for the sport offer more stability, better grips, water resistance, and golf-friendly features. Standard selfie sticks may not be as durable on the course.

How much should I expect to pay for a quality golf selfie stick?

Prices can range from $15-50 for a decent golf selfie stick.

Are there any special tips for using a selfie stick on the golf course?

Yes, make sure to use your selfie stick safely by keeping it low and avoiding interfering with other players’ swings. Try different angles beyond just straight selfies. And be considerate about not holding up play while snapping photos.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an avid golfer looking to analyze and improve your swing, want to commemorate hole-in-one achievements, or simply desire to share your passion for the sport through engaging content, investing in a high-quality golf selfie stick is a wise choice. With the ability to capture crisp videos and photos from creative angles, remote shutter controls, adjustable lengths, and durable weatherproof designs, the right selfie stick becomes an indispensable tool for elevating your golf photography and videography game. So do your research, prioritize the features most important to your needs, and purchase the best golf selfie stick to ensure you never miss another memorable moment out on the course.

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